Hello and welcome to We Are One Skatepark's online site and shop. You can order all your skate needs from us to pick up in store or have  it delivered to your front door.

  Our goal here at We Are One is to provide a non- bias experience to any rider. Whether they bike, skate, blade, scooter, or whatever, we are all one here and we all strive to bring the best out in ourselves and others.

 We Are One Skatepark was an idea that Zach Nelson came up with back in November, 2010. They spent the next year researching and planning out what it would take for them to build their own skatepark and shop. With a business plan and spot in mind for this grand venture they moved into there warhouse at the end of December 2010. 

  Construction began on the skatepark January 1, 2011. They had been approved by Midvale City Zoning commission and also the building department. Shortly into the first two weeks of construction, Zach received a stop work notice and needed to go back to the city with drawings for their ramps. After the new approved drawings past 1 month and a half later, they started construction back up. In 2 months they were fully done with the park.

  The next hurdle was finishing up our shop side of the warehouse and getting our entire building to pass final inspection. It was a very tedious process. Lots of back and forth between them and the city inspectors. They all have there defects they go for. After 3 final inspections and shaving 1/4 inches off stairs, We Are One Skatepark  passed and was due to open right in July 2011.

Since then, We have been going strong. Throwing contests for every sport, building our shop, getting some teams going, and most important of all making tons of new friends in the skate, bmx, scooter, and blader communtity.

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