Road Less Traveled
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Road Less Traveled

"For most of us skateboarding is a way of life, but somehow the focus of almost every skate video has been based around single tricks that come together to make individual video parts. While we’ve always enjoyed watching and making these types of videos, there’s something special about knowing what went into a project and what it was like for those who experienced it first hand. Therefore, when we set out to make the new Fallen video, we wanted to document every aspect of our missions with the goal of taking the viewer on the journey with us. Over the course of two and a half years, we traveled to Turkey, Croatia, South Africa, Portugal, the American West and Thailand. The memories alone made the extended travel and uncomfortable situations worth the effort. We invite you to join us on the Road Less Traveled." -Fallen Footwear The Fallen Road Less Traveled BlueRay/DVD Combo is a new documentary skate film from Fallen Footwear. Directed by Mike Gilbert, produced by Jamie Thomas. Featuring: •Jamie Thomas •Tommy Sandoval •Jack Curtin •Tom Asta •Josh Harmony •Garrett Hill •Jon Dickson •Tony Cervantes •James Hardy •Brian Hansen •Dane Burman This is a region 1 DVD. Region 1 DVD's are compatible with DVD players purchased in U.S., Canada, and U.S. territories. Make sure your DVD player is compatible with region 1 DVD's before you order.

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