Carbon Free Montre Boot Only
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Carbon Free Montre Boot Only
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Rasta themes decoration technology with an amazing 3 color combination. Traces back to the Aboriginies of Jamaika who founded snow hill.

- New unique 3 colored laces, that will make you the star of the skate park by just standing there

- Stealth cuff cover system , so skates cannot be identified by any radar worldwide, the skates look like shoes flying over curbs and rails. So you will be a blader in disguise. Serious 007 technology from outta this world!

- Patented centrifugal spinning effect, by putting disguised weights in the cuff, the spinning speed will be higher and more spins can be made, and more powerful jumps on or off the rail. Approved in many tests we did with cats and dogs in numerous NASA tests.

- New special black leather upper with a new sneaker cut developed by world known skater and designer together to fit the look of the pro skater

- Finally a skate that skates (if used with frame and wheels properly) based on the carbon free concept

- Comes with My fit liner that can be heat moulded at 80°C to be customized in fit and function it’s almost too good to be true!

- Comes boot only with revolutionary exchangeable soul plates that can fit any aggressive frame on the market by using a new frame standard called UFS.

Available as boot only.

I wanted to do something different with this boot. We’ve had so many good blades come out I had to keep the ball rolling. With this boot I wanted to go a different route, making it like a shoe that hasn’t been used yet and that fits my style. This was perfectly executed, from the dreadlock laces and beads, to the fabric flap. You see this boot and think, Montre and that’s exactly what I wanted.

I also wanted a new boots or just something to change it up a bit,so the carbon free plus is perfect. kids can now change the liners and always feel like they have a fresh set of blades on. the liners are also heat moldable and extremely comfortable, which is perfect if you’re like me and you do a s*** ton of gaps hahaha.
The outer skin for the blade is a suede style and very durable. All in all perfect blade thanks MK and powerslide family.

Montre Livingston

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