94 Spray Can
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Montana Paint
94 Spray Can

With 147 matte finish colors of which 114 are new and unique to the brand, the all new 94 line is a full palette of rich colors. Moreover, the other 33 colors cross-over into the Hardcore and Alien lines. Ultimately, 94 is the largest multi palette to date in the Montana Colors spray paint family.

Aside from a vast range of colors, 94 offers 9 step chromatic gradations with incredible range. For artists, this is a unique and crucial tool when painting highly complex projects. Certain areas of artwork may require depth or shading. 94 gives artists great flexability when trying to achieve specific nuances or effects.

Unlike other paint lines, 94 has a low to high pressure female valve and a pleasant vanilla scent! Revolutionary indeed, we don't recommend using it's sweet scent for deodorizing but the scent is much more pleasant than the usual spray paint odor everyone is familiar with.

Cap Recommendations:

Standard tip which comes at point of purchase is the new 94 cap. It is a versatile cap with a soft touch allowing for both high precision outlining and fast, compact filling of large areas.

The valve will not accept any Banana Caps, the Rusto or NY Skinny.

The top four caps recommended are 94, Universal, Superskinny (either Grey or Gold dot), and Pinkdot fat cap.

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